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We design, manufacture and supply industrial robots.

Asystr 602 is a first-of-its-kind, easy-to-use, industrial robot. Its unique hybrid design combines the large working volume of a serial link arm with the fast cycle times and low power consumption of parallel link arms. Like its predecessors, the Asystr 602 is built on the principles of Sensible Robotics. With several design innovations that drive a superior ROI, this future-ready robot is set to transform the shop floor.

We provide end-to-end custom robotics solutions

We conceptualize, design and deliver integrated custom solutions. Our product DNA and deep domain knowledge enables us to solve issues that demand multi-disciplinary engineering. We bring to bear hands-on expertise from design to manufacturing and leverage out-of-box approaches to achieve right-fit solutions.

250+ Person Years of Development Experience

Balaji Machine Works is a one-stop shop for robotics and product engineering services to support your product development and enable your application. We drive business outcomes for robot makers and robot users in manufacturing, process automation and plant automation.


Balaji Machine Works robotics product development experience is marked by depth of technology expertise, and a unique specialization in problem solving. We bring to the table a product mindset that enables our cross-functional team to leverage a strong data-driven approach for unbiased decision making, which is essential to achieve the best price:performance ratio.

Our Products - ASYSTR Series Of Industrial Robots

The ASYSTR series is a portfolio of 6 axis Industrial Robotic arms by Balaji Machine Works. Built on the principles of Sensible Robotics, the ASYSTR series is the first industrial robot designed and manufactured in India. With innovations to reduce cost and complexity, the robot is affordable, easy to use and future-ready, making it the ideal choice for pick and place requirements on the shop floor.

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